Apulia yacht experience
4 July 2023

Top 5 experiences to do in Apulia for yacht guests.

Apulia is a magnificent Italian region which can offer something new to an evolving yachting market. Your yacht guests will enjoy not only crystal blue see, but also an inland life rich in history, experiences and authenticity. Discover out top five experiences in Apulia for yacht guests.

Apulia is a land of art treasures and hidden wonders, an authentic and welcoming land in the heart of the Mediterranean. Apulia is not just sea and fabulous beaches, trulli and farms. Beyond Apulia known throughout the world, there is a hidden one to visit this summer 2023. We propose you to discover a unique Apulian Region through bespoke experiences prepared by our professional experience managers. Our yacht guests will be delighted by alternative itineraries off the beaten track, which promote responsible and sustainable tourism.

Let’s discover together Top 5 experiences to do in Apulia for yacht guests.

1. Mozzarella & burrata making class in an ancient masseria
This tour is a great adventure for all lovers of Italian cheese. Discover the secrets of the sustainable and local cheese farm that produces mozzarella, burrata, stracciatella, scamorza or ricotta. You will learn the differences between different types of cheeses, their structure and taste. You will discover the whole process, from milk production or even earlier, where animals are bred, as you will visit the whole farm. While supported by a real dairyman, you will enjoy making the delicious and fresh mozzarella and burrata in a tradition, home-made way. Be actively involved and have fun trying to make this typical Apulian tasty food with your own hands! Learn about the cheese making process from the very beginning and learn how to make your own cheese at home. A delicious tasting awaits you after the cooking class with a rich selection of fresh milk products and cold cuts, together with baked products and accompanied by Apulian wine.

2. Cooking class with lunch in a traditional trullo
We would like to offer you a possibility to get in touch with our local culture, therefore we have chosen to host this cooking class in a typical Apulian trullo. You will have the possibility to visit these Apulian architectural wonders. Your experience will be even more authentic thanks to the local family who will host you in Alberobello. Together with our fantastic nonna (it means "grandmother" in italian), we have created a series of cooking classes dedicated to the authentic and genuine Apulian cuisine. Our cooking classes aim to immerse our guests in a traditional food experience, not only through the teaching of local handmade pasta dishes, but a full experience including tastings, such as cheeses, wines paired with pasta dishes in preparation and freshly baked delicacies.

3. Wine tasting tour in a vineyard located by the sea
Take part in a wonderful wine-tasting tour in a beautiful cellar situated right on the seafront in the Gulf of Tyrrhenian. Together with the wine makers, we will follow step by step a wine making process from the growth of a vineyard till the bottling process, where we will see a close connection between a production and territory in full respect of the nature. Exactly in the cellar, where we will kick off our experience, with the knowledge of the winemaker, who will guide us in the first of four-itinerant tasting with a visit to the winemaking facilities. Then we will take our glasses and walk among the vineyards, where we will associate each wine with a place, a soil, and a story. Sip after sip, we will move to discover the typical grapes and wines of the area and, starting from the inland, we will reach the sea, to finish the tasting at the sunset with a delicious Primitivo, a sweet taste of freedom.

4. Bike Tour around the farms with tasting and lunch
The tour will start from the Parco delle Dune Costiere, through secondary roads with a low traffic to reach three types of farmhouses that differ in terms of architecture, type,
traditional activities and current economic vocation. It is an experience with slow rhythms on narrow streets bordered by dry stone walls, haunted sheep tracks and unique landscapes. The goal of the excursion is to show different types of farms between Ostuni and Fasano and the importance they still have in the economic and social fabric of the whole Apulia. You will cycle along the ancient Via Traiana to reach two farms different for historical and current economic activity: one is a fortified farm where the lamp oil was produced, the other is a livestock farm that raises local cows and sheep to produce an organic cheese. The typical Apulian lunch based on seasonal products will be served in one of the most beautiful and important historic farms in the area. On the way back there is a stop on the most cinematic road in Puglia that connects to the oldest megalithic monument of the park: the Dolmen of Montalbano, for the last souvenir photo before returning to the starting point. Itinerary of about 15 km, suitable for all, duration is about 5 hours.

5. Vintage car tour
Admire the breathtaking views of the Itria Valley with a personalized itinerary complete with rest stops and driving routes. This area boasts the highest concentration of trulli scattered across a perfectly charming landscape. Take in the fresh air, admire the ancient Apulian olive groves and hidden local farms from a vintage chic automobile. Discover the best locations to enjoy our luxurious chic-nic - a pic-nic, composed of organic, regional produce with the best local champagne on offer. The cost includes car rental, gas, RCA insurance, English-speaking tour leader, substitute car, hostess and steward assistance for car delivery and technical assistance, tow truck with related mechanical staff, delivery, and collection of the cars Besides the described itineraries, we do arrange for our guests tailor made itineraries by vintage cars.

Our top 5 list is only an example of what we can offer to yacht guests in Apulia. Each route and idea can be adjusted according to one’s tastes and preferences to make an Apulian experience unforgettable.

If you are interested to offer a new kind of a yacht trip to your guests, get in touch with our team.

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*In Apulia MSA Yacht is represented by a brand APULIA YACHT ASSISTANCE or AYA (apuliayacht.com). AYA is a project of collaboration between competent Italian yacht agencies Marine Shore Assistance and Nautica Assistance, which decided to bring together their know-how in the yachting industry and in the Italian destination to promote Apulia to the top level on the evolving yachting market. For AYA Apulia is not only the sea but, in first place, it’s a land rich in history, packed with cultural heritage, authentic people and experiences that can be appreciated by a new type of yacht guests, more conscious and aware of the destination.