Five exclusive activities for yacht guests in Venice organized by MSA Yacht.
24 May 2023

Five exclusive activities for yacht guests in Venice organized by MSA Yacht.

Our best luxury experience in Venice: aperitif in a historic palace with an acoustic concert by the Dogaresses* of Venice, ceremony of vow renewal, secret routes in Dodge’s palace, shopping at a venetian market and a cooking class with a Venetian chef, Murano glassblowing workshop in a private art gallery.

Venice is one of the most beautiful places in Italy and may be even in the world. Why do we think so? Because Venice is historic, romantic, gorgeous. It is also a unique place in the world where there are no roads and to move from one part of the city to another you should take a water taxi (for our clients we organise an extra luxury water taxi that make them feel like real Hollywood stars). Our yacht guests love Venice for its uniqueness and particular atmosphere that only this place can gift them. MSA Yacht team will plan and organise exclusive client-tailored activities for yacht guests who will merge into an authentic life of the “floating city”. Let’s discover together some experiences that can be adjusted according to one’s preferences.

1. Aperitif in a historic palace with an acoustic concert by the Dogaresses* of Venice

An aperitif is set in an elegant and sophisticated historic palace of the 18th century, where every piece of furniture transpires history, and if art objects of its salons could speak, they would narrate a lot of incredible stories about the gorgeous past of its owners. Our guests will enjoy a traditional Venetian aperitif with a panoramic view on the Canal Grande accompanied by an acoustic concert by the Dogaresses of Venice. The instrumental female quartet, elegantly dressed in 18th century Venetian costumes, performs a baroque music, with particular attention paid to the Venetian school. The evening can be concluded by a romantic dinner in one of the venetian restaurants.

* Dogaressa was the official title of the wife of the Doge of Venice.

2. Ceremony of vow renewal

For married couples, who want to celebrate an important anniversary in an unusual way, we propose to live an unforgettable experience of a renewal of vows in the wonderful city of Venice. A wedding ceremony will be held by a professional actor in the role of a registrar who will accompany a couple in a romantic moment of vow renewal. This experience can be filmed and photographed by a professional photographer and video maker to make the memory of that special day remain with the guests for the rest of their life.

3. Secret routes in Dodge’s palace

The Dodge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale in Italian) is undoubtedly one of the top must-visit attractions of Venice. To really get to grips with the history of this remarkable building, we highly recommend the “Secret Itineraries Tour”, which takes far from the usual visitor route, and allows you to discover some of the most hidden corners of the Palace, rich with history, secrets, and intrigue. The tour will take guests through a series of small, dark prison cells in the palace basement known as pozzi, or wells – where common criminals were once held before facing trial in the sinister court rooms above. Upstairs, guests will be led through the macabre Torture Chamber, complete with a hanging stand and rope, and then up a further set of stairs into the top floor cells made famous by the notorious Venetian lothario Casanova, who escaped from the prisons in 1756. We don’t want to spoil you all secret places our guests are going to visit with a professional guide, but one thing is sure they will never forget the secret experience in the Dodge’s palace.

4. Shopping at a venetian market and a cooking class with a Venetian chef

This tour is ideal for food lovers and very curious guests who like to get their hands dirty and experience an authentic local way of life. The tour will be guided by a Venetian chef and will start from a farmers’ food market where our guests will taste and shop for local venetian products. The shopping will be followed by a pleasant aperitif in a bacaro**, after which our guests and the chef will head to the chef’s home for a four-course cooking class and lunch. The fun is guaranteed.

**“Bacaro” is the term Venetians use for bars, those bars that offer the typical Venetian aperitif with an “ombra” (small glass of wine) and a “cicchetto” (something typical to eat).

5. Murano glassblowing workshop in a private art gallery

There is no better way to soak up the Venetian talent and culture if not going to Murano Island for a glassblowing workshop in a private art gallery. Murano is one of the favorite escapes from the always fervent Venice and going there is quite an adventure. Our guests will be accompanied by a certified guide in a water taxi and during the transfer they will listen to interesting stories about Murano and Burano islands. Besides having a tour around colorful picturesque Murano houses, guests will visit a private art gallery with a Murano glass factory inside where artisans will explain step by step the whole process of creating Murano glass pieces. The guests will also learn the basic technique of glass blowing and create an authentic piece of Murano glass themselves. A day in Murano will be finished with an excursion around an art gallery where all favorite pieces can be bought and brought home to decorate it.

Venetian experience is all this and even more as we haven’t mentioned yet a lot of them like a mosaic, mask, weaving workshop, or an individual tour around Venice off the beaten touristic routes. To crown your experience in Venice is our suggestion of the best Venetian restaurants and bars where guests can taste a unique venetian cuisine.

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